Monday, June 25, 2018

Just some photos

Wonderfully wild seas this morning, and cold. I had to take the blue cranes photo again, and I did ask if he brought the new baby boy, but I didnt get a reply, just an enigmatic look. I feel terribly tired today after all of yesterdays excitement. Interesting having messages coming through on fb as to the progress of the birth all day and then the photos after the emergency c section. It is interesting that both her mother, aunt and sister all had to have emergency c sections. They all ride and the belief is that their muscles wont relax enough or some such thing. When I think I had over 10 lb babies (ok, 3 weeks late) naturally, but my first was under 7lb, bit of a shock I can tell you. I would not have been left to go that long over my due date these days.


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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wonderful pictures. You can't catch a break on your weather. Hot or Cold...just like Northern Indiana. Yesterday was fantastically perfect, but we only get two. Then back to torrid.
xx, Carol

catmint said...

Hi Penny, discovered you on Diana's blog. Congrats on new grandbaby.