Thursday, June 28, 2018

Finished my Autumn pages.

I know it is winter here but I have finally finished my Autumn pages. Quite pleased with them. My tiny book was made using paper I had made leaf transfers in an India Flint class, in autumn. The lovely red leaf was one I picked up off the ground at the nursery at Delamere. Funny sort of weather, almost a frost this morning and then cold and clod. I shopped this morning but had rather an off day as I didn't sleep well. My replaced shoulder hurt all night and kept me awake. We have now put a wool blanket on the bed as George keeps taking the small one off the bed and I think the metal in my arm makes me feel cold. Poor John has had to go to the physio today as the one who is dealing with his shoulder has set off something around his waist so he has been a bit unhappy. The joys of getting old.

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