Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Todays walk

Why do I blog, mostly it is because I like to have a record of what I do. This morning it was overcast and there was a cool wind on the beach although the minute the sun came out it started to get warmer than I liked. Raced around as I was oping some one was coming to get the sofa bed, but it didnt happen, a not compliant trailer I believe. Will they still want it? goodness knows. I potted up a rose and did general house work and have been having a go at my knitted bear, he is not very big but a bit fiddly so I seem to get a body or a leg done a day. I certainly dont get as much done as I once did. I dont think we are doing a lot over Easter,I would imagine John will go fishing if others are available and there is a suitable day. The weather has been rather all over the place at the moment. I really do rather like the round rock pools in the reef, due to pebbles swirling around in them. Beautiful clouds and skies too lately.


Stanly said...

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Countryside Tales said...

Nice to see pictures from your part of the world. We had a frost yesterday and woke to drizzle today. Not quite spring weather here just yet!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, and I thought you were blogging for me to have a friend on the other side of the world, lol. Lovely pictures today. I am getting new carpet in the living room which calls for new paint as well. Since there are only two walls to pain, I'll use the rest in another room. I settled on a pale green of sorts that will work well in the bathroom as well. Yesterday I taped off the trim and today I painted the bathroom. The green auditioned well. I painted a bit on the living room wall to test it. It is cloudy and raining so the room is dark, but I think the color will work. I felt great when I got it done, but the moment I sat down my back tightened up. Brother, after only one small room. I need to limber up!!
xx, Carol

Barry said...

P - love the light on water. And I can totally understand the idea of blogging to have a record; but also just to be able to look back on small achievements. Peace and keeping on blogging. B