Monday, March 26, 2018

Froth and bubble and clouds on our walk this morning.

I had a lovely day yesterday having lunch with friend W and seeing her newly renovated, lovely house. This morning we walked, a lot of wind yesterday and we took out a very welcome 7 mm of rain this morning. My stomach is misbehaving, I dont think it likes one of the pills I am taking so have had a quiet day today, washing, changing sheets and towels and a few naps in between. We did have a lovely walk this morning though and there were lovely clouds, lots of froth and waves and I even managed a not so bad photo of one of the grey raptors, a kestrel? not sure that were working the grass land behind the cliffs. I do wish my body would settle down, some times our half hour walks feel more like more as I struggle to get back to the car. So a bit of reading and a bit of knitting, I suppose its vaguely productive.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well I can tell that we are alike in that we want to be doing something PRODUCTIVE besides cooking and cleaning. Sometimes I trade that work for carry out food and stitch or read instead. Finally I have become determined to quiet my inner self from criticizing me for doing . . . whatever I want.
xx, Carol