Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Roses and around the back garden.

Not a lot has been happening since the wedding, recovery and washing etc. I am getting organised, I hope to go to Halls Gap for a weekend class with Hilary Peterson, and being a bit slow about it. John decided not to come but stay behind and look after Max and George. I would have liked to have him with me but know I will be OK, but tired it is a 6 hour drive. So around the place for photos today. The last of next doors lovely roses and a few views around the back of the house. I have been busy, did a shop and over to Tabs to get some paper for the workshop. I am sure I will forget something. Much more pleasant today, but will be warmer over the weekend I think.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your roses are beautiful. I have been thinking that I want to add Cosmos to my garden this year. I have no idea where, but I am itching to get outside soon...except it is snowing right now. The sky is spitting just enough snow to cover the tracks the dogs made yesterday. March is supposed to be windy, with the wind picking up the moisture on the land left from snow and putting it back into the Universe so it can rain down on us in April. I think Mother Nature is running a bit behind.
xx, Carol