Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Been a bit busy

We have a family wedding on Saturday, and although I havent a lot to do, apart from boiling and peeling eggs at this stage, we have the Melbourne family arriving on friday and the room for them had to be cleared of all my stuff so we could get at the couch that turns into a bed and find all the bedding. That is more or less done but it looks as if it will be warmer than expected, bother, will my feet cope, and what will I wear. No idea. I have made a boiled fruit cake for S and M to take home, a late Christmas present. I had a doctors appointment this morning, seems my jabs in the tummy are working at the moment as my diabetes is settling a bit, always fun to see if I can drop the odd pill, but no. I think I counted at least 14 a day. dont really want to know about it.A busy morning, now to put my (still swollen) feet up.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

There is always lots to do when company comes to stay. Don't overdo it.
xx, Carol