Saturday, June 24, 2017

spectacular scenes in at the Bay this morning

Very little wind and huge seas. My photos dont really do them justice. My eyes are not seeing terribly well still and I couldnt at first make out what were huge waves and what was cloud. It was so still so there must be some sort of disturbance way south of us. Some idiots were out in a small boat in all of this, lucky not to be swamped. Rather exciting but I just wish I could see better. My photos were quite definetly point and shoot.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nature at it's the sea.
xx, Carol

Blogoratti said...

Lovely landscape captured perfectly. Warm greetings!

Robin Mac said...

They look lovely to me Penny, even when I enlarge them with my magnifier!
The worst thing about those idiots in the small boat is the danger they put the rescue team in who would have to try to save them if they overturned.
Hope your eye improves soon. Cheers