Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bit of a damp walk

Sorry I am not writing much but I cant see the keyboard. It has got wetter, so long since we actually had a nice wet day. I am inside by the fire trying to hem the baby blanket. My focal length is all over the place and it is so hard to work out what I am seeing. Only a couple more weeks until I get my glasses.I got quite wet walking this morning, only a light drizzle but it all runs off the bottom of my jacket and onto my jeans. I am wearing one of Linda's lovely hats, had to have a photo.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks for posting a pic of YOU. It's nice to see who I have been talking to. If I lived near the shore I would walk everyday too. Rain or shine. I love the smell of the air. I miss that. I was raised in a beach town. When I worked downtown, quite near the water, I would love smelling the fresh air when I left work. From the time I was old enough to go by myself, until the day I moved, I spent every minute I could at the shore.

I hope the time flies by for you until you get your glasses. I suspect you are counting down until the day.
xx, Carol