Sunday, June 11, 2017

Drive to Parsons Beach this morning

I have had my eye done, it is really weird, because of the hole in the macular I can see long distance quite well without glasses abut close up and reading is to say the least interesting. I have found a pair of old reading glasses which if I hold the page/ whatever close to my nose I can see but looking at the computer screen is very interesting, so there probably will be lots of mistakes. I am feeling rather old and tired, hope I feel better soon. I cant get new glasses for a month and I keep feeling a bit off balance at the moment. I am used to wearing glasses full time and feel rather vulnerable without them. Did remember a pair of dark glasses which help the glare. Just frustrating. One lovely bit of news was that we managed to see the latest great grandchild before I had the cataract op, a gorgeous little girl, 6 lb 14 oz who decided to come 2 weeks early, breach and an emergency c section to boot. She is beautiful. All in the same local hospital. Today John decided I needed an outing so we went through to one of my favorite beaches, Parsons. Of course I couldnt see through the led screen so a bit hit and miss, lovely to be out but felt a bit wobbly aferwards. Hope I can see a bit better tomorrow.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a fabulous beach. I was raised in a lake city on Lake Michigan in Indiana, USA. I moved from that town when I graduated high school...running from a boyfriend. I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had stayed. I guess I compensate missing the lake by putting a little (big as backyard ponds go) a fish pond in the back yard. But I have a wonderful husband for almost 46 years. Sadly, he doesn't like the beach. It's one of those trade-offs you make when you choose one path over another. I hope the next month passes quickly for you til you can get new glasses. I'm 65 and I don't actually feel old yet, but its more evident every day.
xx, Carol

Robin Mac said...

Thinking of you Penny, know the feeling of pointing and shooting and hoping you get something good! At least these days with digital photography you can keep shooting and just discard the ones that are hopeless.
Hopefully the month will pass quickly and you will get your new glasses and be able to see much better. Cheers