Sunday, June 04, 2017

Bit of this and that.

I have felt a bit off today, I think it's a case of OK one day, not quite as good the next. I haven't sketched for ages but rather liked this little eche eria in the sun room. My sun room really comes into its own on cold but sunny days like this. Another frost this morning, a bit warmer, only 0 degrees this morning, then it got cloudy a bit of both sun, which was lovely and cloud. I picked the yellow daisies this morning, they are always the most cheerful thing in the garden in winter. Took two bags of books over to the 2nd hand bookshop, don't get much but at least they have gone.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have been a little lax in blog reading lately. I still haven't adjusted my daily schedule since mt grandson moved out and I no longer get up at 5 AM every morning. Glad you are getting over your cold. It's hard to clean out what you no longer need anymore. My husband has lost about 45 pounds in the last year and gone from a size large shirt to medium. This week I went through every one of his drawers and closets and collected all the clothes of his that are too big for him. He has been keeping them in case he gained weight back. I remember when my dad was 70 and he lost weight too. Anyway, Terry is a hoarder of sorts so it was a HUGE concession to clean out his clothes.
xx, Carol