Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another stunning day, but still no rain.

The no rain bit is starting to become a serious worry. So far not a lot of frost as we would expect but heavy dew but rain is what we need. George likes to see what every one is doing and I happened to have the camera this morning. We went in and walked the cliffs this morning. I love these walks but I come home so tired. I think the forcast of rain has got to some of the farmers and this fellow was sowing his paddock as we walked past. I am once again throwing out stuff, it isnt really enough but it all helps. On one of the blogs I follow there was a recipe for ginger nut biscuits, I made some, they are pretty good. I just wish I could see my computer screen better, its hopeless so if there are lots of spelling mistakes that is the reason. I also feel mildly sick when I am trying to focus.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Love the pic of your kitty. He reminds me of one my niece had when she was little. She named him Killer because he was a great mouser.

Have a great day.
xx, Carol

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