Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yesterdays walk

Oh dear where have my days gone. I have been house cleaning and stewing fruit to freeze and my arthritic joints have been playing up so not a lot to write about. Our walk yesterday was interesting as the day before we had gone to the cliff walk and in between the two mornings the beach here at kent reserve had changed again. Very low tide, water rushing near the reefs, a shag drying its wings and a piece of kelp. I actually found a badly damaged dead sea dragon, too damaged to work out if it was a leafy or not but it came home with me and I hope I can get its head on when it dries out. I do every so often find them but they are hard to see and the gulls make a mess of them. I am trying to get on with some embroidery, a lovely lino cut of poppies on hand dyed cloth that I got from Djaane Cevaal, ages ago and have just started it. Lovely to do but I feel wicked sitting and sewing when there is much to be done.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Remember my maxim Penny - a moment enjoyed is never wasted.

Barry said...

Hi P - we put way to much emphasis on doing the non creative things - enjoy the art. Peace. B

Penny said...

Love these pictures. Made me want to find a warm coastline and take a hike!