Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Port Adelaide yesterday

It has rained here all day and been very tropical and muggy, we did walk but got quite damp. It is a nice follow up but the weeds will be bursting forth in the garden and paddocks. Yesterday we did get to the port to see the replica of HMB Endeavour. Captain Cook's ship. the B stands for Bark as that is the type she is. we had seen her in Whitby but here you can get up really close and although I dont want to go on board I just want to look.I love the ropes, the paint work, the cannon, well all of her but have no desire to sail in her, I get terribly sea sick. The two other tall ships were there, local ones The Failie and the One and All, I am not sure what they do with the Failie these days but the One and All is a training ship. Only problem was as it was early morning the sun was in the wrong place and my photos are not the best. double click and they should enlarge.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I wonder what Captain Cook would think to it all. Lovely photos.

Penny said...

Beautiful, beautiful ship!

Hildred said...

Beautiful ships, and what an unusual name - The One and All.