Saturday, February 06, 2016

Thursday and Saturday walks

double click to enlarge the collages. Thursday was windy and rough and we walked along the cliffs from Petrels, lovely noisy walk and then this morning it was very muggy and not terribly clear and after going into the market we walked along the beach at Hayborough and watched little sails going up at the Yacht club. They look lovely. Yesterday it was shopping and a friend came out in the afternoon, which was great, a nice long chat. It is still relatively cool but when the sun comes out it suddenly warms up. I am doing odds and ends around the house and a bit of painting, hung another cloth fish that I embroidered, it is only made of denim as George has taken to leaping at things so i thought it didnt matter what happened to this and its mate I did a while ago. Anything to keep him amused. I am getting to the stage of wondering why I do these things, there is a pile of odd sewing, things I have made, and what to do with them? I love to do them as they keep my hands occupied but no one in my family is really interested in what I do. I suppose there will be a huge bonfire at some stage to get rid of it all. I just hope I am not here to see it.

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Countryside Tales said...

Sewing is therapy sometimes isn't it? I would still do mine regardless of whether anyone else likes it. Keep going :-)