Saturday, February 13, 2016

Canna leaves

It has been a bit of a shattering week. The silly fall I had has left me with a spectacular bruise on my arm, fascinating colours that change every day, and I think my back probably needs a massage to realign it. Oh the joys of aging. we went to the funeral of a dear friend yesterday, it was well done and he is now free from the big C but I know he would have preferred to be around for his wife of 59 loving years as she has dementia. All rather shattering and a bit close to home. To cheer myself up I went outside to take this photo of the light shining through the beautiful striped leaves of my canna who lives in a big pot, the frosts cut it back end of every winter, but every spring it returns. Nature is so clever. John has gone fishing, but he rang to say he is on his way home, with nothing, all they caught was under size, just as well I have a cold chicken. That was supposed to be for dinner last night (warm) but a last minute use call from a grand daughter to say come and have a BBQ it's my birthday which I knew, meant no chicken and a fun night. Not late at all but I was glad to get to bed.

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Barry said...

Hi P - good that nature can offer a bit of nurture in bruising and sad times. B