Friday, January 31, 2014

Making Rattatoui

Never sure if I have the spelling correct, this is the start of my version, I forgot to take an after photo. We have lots of zuccini at the moment and egg plant and red peppers are cheap, along with tomatoes and onions and garlic, so all into a pan with olive oil and parsley and stewed for about half an hour or so. I then freeze it as it makes such a yummy addition to winter casseroles. I will make another lot tomorrow and possibly more as the week goes on. I just need to get more oil and containers which I forgot to get this morning while I was shopping. I suppose you could call it a vegetable stew. I am making some small concertina books at the moment, fun to do but a bit time consuming. Off to paint some more paper.


Gwen Buchanan said...

What a smart woman you are . this looks wonderful.

shirley said...

This looks yum it is making me hungry because i like eggplant.

Hildred said...

However you spell it, Penny, it look just wonderful and will be great tucked away in the freezer for winter days.