Thursday, April 26, 2007

Seeding before the rain

I took this photo last night as they were seeding the flat near the house. The amount of dust that was being put up was amazing.
Now we have had rain, 5mm before 9 am and it has been steady and not too heavy ever since.
Just what is needed.
I have a friend coming to stay until saturday morning so I dont know how much I will get done on my blogs, always difficult to know.
She will want to see the ponies so it could be interesting as the tracks will be sticky and slippery.
We have our big foal show on Sunday and I am required for that as well. I seem to take longer to do things than I used to.
John came home from fishing yesterday with a wonderful catch of sweep and some red mullet for the cat, but also with a badly swollen knuckle, part of his gout problem probably made worse by a rocking boat and the pneumovax from last week (attacking all the weak spots!)

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downunderdale said...

great to hear you have some rain