Sunday, April 15, 2007

Home from Horsham

I am home after a simply fabulous week in Horsham. Unfortunatly my camera has been playing up so some of my photos are not brillant. I walked every morning really early and these spectacular sun rises were fairly normal. The other photos are of my box that I made, a fold over lid, 2 drawers at the top with compartments in them and some compartments down the bottom with a drawer in one, I used a lot of Japanese memoribilia. The tiny box was to reinforce the way they were made and I gave that one to Evie (granddaughter) when we met them on the way home and the bigger square one was our first box, the class box so we all knew how to make a box.
Glen Skien our teacher was terrific and I think we all learnt a lot. I certainly did.
A fun week which for me started very slowly as I was so tired after the wretched bug that I had and was being very careful about what I ate and going to bed really early.
Lots of old friends to catch up with. I sold a good amount of stuff on the Wednesday night, enough to get half way to Horsham next year which is a huge help.
Lots of other ideas too from other classes that I went to see what they were doing.
Tired tonight as John had had Simon and the children, and Marguerite for some of the time while I was away so there was stuff to clean up and I still havent finished getting my clothes away, but the washing is now done!
Still no rain, hot and watering to be done.

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