Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Catching up with TAST

We arrived home late this afternoon, the washing is on, dogs and cat fed, we are fed, mail sort of gone through, and the bread is on, so I cant go to bed until after 9.00!
I did these while I was away, so the first is my couching, and the second was going overboard with no cloth and doing the knotted Cretan which I had a lot of fun with after I got the hang of it.
these are part of my take a stitch tuesday with Sharon b.tomorrow we have to go to Adelaide, see my mother etc, so nothing will really get done until Thurdsay and then it is Easter and I am off again on Sunday for Horsham and the Fibre Forum.
We did have a walk on the beach this morning but I didnt surf as it looked like a washing machine and I stupidly didnt spray myself with Rid so I am covered in midge bites from when I went down through the garden and had my swim this morning.

1 comment:

Doreen G said...

Both samples look great Penny.
You sure have a hectic time ahead.
Which class are you doing at Horsham?