Monday, April 02, 2007

Coloured sands

I took these photos yesterday they are of the cliffs and "rainbow sands" of Rainbow beach and the edge of the Cooloola sand mass. Quite lovely, although the trees are growing back over the sands. Some one had carved a Bhudda like figure on one of the sand rock falls which looks quite incredible. I find this whole area fascinating and the way the harder rocks show up and the softer stuff eventually disintergrates
We travelled back to the Gold Coast today, left about 8 am and after a coffee at the ginger factory at Yandina we were home in time for lunch. We leave for home tomorrow after lunch so I will be home by early evening.
Our daughter Tabitha rang from near Alice Springs while we were on the way home to report the big earth quake in the Solomon islands and that a tsunami alert was out for the east coast of Australia, it doesnt seem to have happened but interestingly she had heard about it and we hadnt.
I am off to fall into the pool, a pleasant 25 degrees, out for dnner tonight so it is still all go go.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice rocks and beach. I was thinking of you sitting on the sands wondering if the tsunami was coming your way. Apparently the guys over-reacted and thought all the eastern coastline would cop a rush of water. In Fiji, the police told people to leave the shoreline but most people just went on with their fishing or whatever. Though Fiji has had four of five small earthquakes this week.
Very sad for the people in the Solomons - they've had a rough time in many ways.