Monday, November 04, 2019

A busy few days

It has rained, about 1/2 an inch, fabulous. In between we went to a nieghbour from Back Valleys 100th birthday, so many things to remember. We have walked, this morning to Pt Elliot and around the little bay that always fascinates me. A few days before we had walked the beach at Kent Reserve and a small flock of corellas had sat like a crown on top of a Norfolk Island pine. I was supposed to drive up to our South Australian All Welsh Show at Mt Pleasant but just couldnt face the 2 hour drive and back again. I felt very sad but Sarah kept me up to date with my/our Section B mare who was Champion mare and the judge did look several times at her before giving the Supreme to the stallion. Her foal was best foal of show so very pleased. Tabby did well with her cobs as well and several of our Rivington ponies owned by others won or placed on both days. So pleased for their owners. Its what breeding is all about. I seem to have been very tired, probably the weather going from very hot to cool and then damp and lovely rain. I havent had to water the pots for a couple of days. Just wish I didnt feel so tired all the time. Better get back to beading the dolls wings. I am much slower than I used to be too.