Thursday, December 06, 2018

Too hot, 40 degrees.

Apart from shopping in the heat and making a mess of my toe which makes walking painful not a lot done today. We were only supposed to get to about 38, bad enough but 40 plus has seen my plants look wilted and sad. I did water early this morning but the soil is not terribly good. I was going to at least get the wreath on the front door but looking for it in a hot she'd did not appeal, perhaps next week. 4 more cakes to cook too. At least the air conditioner works, much better than the old one. So a few doll photos. I have finished the angels but there is still some sewing to be done. A day in Adelaide and now this burst of heat is a bit draining. Still in the high 30's tomorrow too. An early walk I THINK. If I can find some shoes.

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