Friday, December 07, 2018

Still hot.

We walked early this morning, still uncomfortably warm. Mid to high 30's. I have embroidered name tags for stocking and found a couple of rein deer so they are up but now cant find the front door wreath. Has to be some where but too hot to go looking in sheds. I know I had it last year. I find this weather very tiring but it should be cooler tomorrow so I think another cake will get done. I have been sorting out presents, have I got enough or do I need more. Will I make one more stocking? I suppose I should UT what material? I had to water at about 6 am this mornin, thankfully the petunias had recovered. I hope it is not hot over Christmas or I may lose things. John and our son in law have gone fishing, sent off with sunburn cream and long pants and shirts. It will be nice if they find all the places John knows about and get some fish. Need to make a few cards, that should keep me busy.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You have heat while here in Northern Indiana our temps are freezing and expected to be until Monday. We hold off going outside until the weather gets a bit warmer, but I fear Terry is getting cabin fever. This weekend the kids will leave for a bit heading to Florida so Terry and I will take advantage of quiet time together and run errands and stop for a bite to eat.
xx, Carol