Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Yesterday a walk at Pt Elliot, a baby sleepy lizard and this morning skies.

It is warming up. On yesterdays walk there was a very small sleepy lizard by the track. Sleepy lizards are quite big and have live young, I dont think this one was very old.There have been some quite big swells as there are some lows way down south even though the weather doesnt look much like it. The flowers around the steps were all in bright and glorious bloom. Th is morning on the beach we had some interesting skies. I have finished my bundling project and they are now in a large jar with the dye liquid. I hope it doesnt decide to ferment. I think I did all the right things. Fingers crossed. I saw my GP yesterday and have had some nasties burnt off my face so now look rather leperous. I hate having it done but better off than on and a few days looking rather disgusting is better too. I seem to be getting my sugar under control and I suppose I feel better. It just is that things still seem to go up a bit and then down but not too far down. It is all a new and sometimes worrying experience but they seem to think I am managing it well. I hope so.


Barry said...

Hi P - sorry for not visiting often enough lately - too much time on the road and iffy technology. I loved the orchid photos with the new camera. I think the camera provides one with a sharper focus as one walks and ponders. Thanks for sharing. Go well. B

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My daughter has a lizard living in her garage. He comes out once and a while to see her. She would like to catch him to give him to a friend that has a warm home set up ready and waiting for him. Laurie's fear is that the lizard will not survive our too cold winter. She thinks it may be an escaped pet from somewhere in the neighborhood. Or perhaps someone just got tired of keeping him.

Glad you are getting your sugar under control.
xx, Carol