Monday, October 01, 2018

Interesting skies this morning.

This mornings walk produced these interesting clouds. It was quite warm and the tide was a bit difficult but found these interesting colours in the plants near the board walk back to the car. I have been trying to sort out what I need for my class with Ines Seidel next week, we went over to Tab's to see what was in the container. Also going through various bags and boxes. I think I have found mostly what I want. I will be away for 5 days so no going home to get things. I am still recovering from my 3 day class so it will be interesting to see how I manage. I would love to recover some energy but that may not happen.


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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Energy....the elusive energy. As we age it dwindles regularly until one day it hits us that it is gone. Your daily walks fight against it's departure. My husbands fights on. His mind says he is 40 but his body insists Oh No You're Not. If it can be done, I'm sending you energy. If you have enough, send me back focus. Enjoy your class and be well, be safe.
xx, Carol