Friday, May 19, 2017

Wet morning in the garden

Taken from the bedroom door this morning. I cant believe that I wont have this garden in the future. It has been very damp, no wind to speak of. All the yellows from the trees this autumn are really spectacular. I am trying to clean out cupboards but today I shopped and I have been trying to get a few more flowers done on the baby blanket I am making it is taking me forever. feeling a bit depressed as well. Ponies now listed for sale. Trying to be up beat about it all but not easy when I have lived all my married life here. Silly me, went to get some plants to put in pots, have to make things look a bit cheerful. Onwards and upwards.

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Hildred said...

So hard to leave a garden . Home is bad enough but leaving a garden is so devastating. Since we left the farm I have had to abandon two beautiful gardens...take plants with you, Penny. That helps some.