Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bit of a wild morning, wetter and very cold now.

We chose to go walking early this morning, just as well as it has now got very cold with heavy almost hail showers coming through. I have been back in cupboards and drawers but trying not to do too much. I have just started an online cloth doll class with Angela Jarecki on doll Street dreamers. I have done several of Angela's dolls and love them, I just hope I can manage to do some of this one before my eye op and while I am turning out cupboards etc, Im afraid I am getting rather old for all of this. Still, on and forward. The for sale sign is up out the front and now to hope that the house looks alright if and when people come. I hate this.


Hildred said...

Oh Penny,life goes on and somehow we cope with all the changes!!!

Robin Mac said...

I have to confess that i have not been looking at blogs much for a couple of months, but I must have missed the one saying you are selling up. What an effort that will be. I remember your home, with so much wonderful ephemera and beautiful 'stuff' crammed in every corner. Are you downsizing by much? I can't imagine packing up our house - and we have only been here for 50 years! Good luck and take care.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love Angela's dolls but have never taken a class. I can't imagine facing the move you are. I hope your house sells fast so you can move on and not drag out the process.
xx, Carol