Thursday, May 04, 2017


After a few wet and drizzly days finally the sun came out and we had a walk along the cliffs. The last photo is the track we take to go into Victor to shop at the moment, pretty but unsealed and rather full of pot holes. The bridge that cuts us off from Victor is being replaced and it is either this way or a much longer detour. To say I am cross about it is a misnomer. It really didnt seem to be in a bad state but the powers that be couldnt even bother to tell us until the road has been closed, about 5 weeks depending on the weather they sway, and we are coming into winter, could easily be 3 months. We had a nice walk but I think perhaps I am getting more and more tired, older and older.So much happening in the next few weeks including a 3 day trip to Victoria to deliver a stallion home. Then my cataract op. Oh joy.

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