Thursday, February 02, 2017

This and that and a hawk in the hen yard.

Last night we had a hawk in the cage by the back door, 2 young pullets and a cockerel in there but when they are fed in come the sparrows, it is an old cage but keeps those young chooks in there quite well. There is now a large hole in the netting over the cage, we think that the hawk stooped down through the netting going for a sparrow, feet first, it then had no idea where it was, so a rather angry frightened but undamaged hawk who finally saw the open door and flew out. The chooks all came out of hiding a few minutes later. This morning we walked over at Pt Elliot, quite cool and pleasant and a lot of the flowers were out, is it thrift? I am not sure. I hadnt realised that we did the harbour masters walk, I thought it was a rather nice lump of wood. I am trying to make an elephant, my design after looking at others, not sure it is quite working. I wanted one with a gusset and I have been messing about. Hope to stuff it tonight. For some reason my joints have been aching badly today, a rotten nights sleep, not sure if I responded to the earthquake that was not far away or not, John said I got up at a not normal time so perhaps I did. Since I get up about 4 times to go to the loo ( diabetic pills grr!!) So I dont really know if that was the trigger or not. JUst sent off my money for Ballarat, so now I am broke again, still I love going.

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