Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Things in the mail and a washing machine sort of sea.

Valentines day and look what arrived, my gorgeous gift from Barry smith in Queensland, he had a give away and I thought this was very appropriate for the day Thank you so much Barry. I also recieved a stencil I had bought from the Thread Studio on one of their verandah special days, houses, wonky houses I will have fun with them. We walked the cliffs from Petrel's Cove this morning, as I said the sea was doing a good imitation of a washing machine. Low tide and big waves. I loved the colours on this granite boulder by the path, the lichen looked magnificent, I think our dampish summer has made it look rather special. We found the name of the odd woolly grey leaved plant today, an import as I thought and possibly a nasty weed, although it could look lovely over rocks in a garden, I wont try, it is called woolly toadflax, proper name, Kixia elatine or something like that. I have finished a painting, look in my boots and sketchbook glog on my side bar (or just my other blog). Still nicely pleasant outside. Off to sort out yesterdays washing that has just come in from the line.

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