Monday, February 20, 2017

Morning walk, clouds, cool breeze and then some sun.

A lovely walk this morning, in 4 days the beach had changed again. People were launching boats, we saw 6 of the hooded plover, the odd dog walker and us. It has warmed up a bit with the sun out but still very pleasant. A funny thing happened this afternoon. Eldest daughter Sarah has been away judging a horse show in Albury, NSW and was due home early afternoon, but as often happens going through to Sydney the plane was held up with high winds so she wont be home until this evening. Her dogs, a tiny poodle, a cairn terrier and the border collie needed to be let out to have a wee, so down I went, to be bailed up by Isabelle's dog Nala. When I went to let them up she stood infront of the door and growled, so a quite a few moments talking I managed to convince her I was not a robber that she knew me and I had been down before, but she said people were home then, they are not now. Finally got them all up onto the orchard lawn to do a wee, Nala sat under a tree and watched every move I made until all were ready to go back into their cage again. She is quite a frightening looking dog, looks a bit like a blond woolf and stares you down. Any way all was well.

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