Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another rose, George and 2 days of daily stitch.

I cut my finger so had to do 2 days of stitch, you may not work them out but I am filling in, some tiny snowflakes in a yucky green and some cross stitch in a shiny green. Just above the red knots. I am using this as a sort of diary so I know when and what I have done. John collected a rose bud when he was picking the peaches, they are under a net and so is the rose. We are having terrible trouble with slaters climbing the peach tree and making holes in our not very big crop of lovely peaches. It has never happened before and we think it might be the cool and damp weather we have been having. Our walk was in low cloud and mizzle. Not like February at all. I thought another photo fof George, John is doing the vacuuming, I have dusted but George loves to take an interest in it all, and occasionally leaps onto the hose from on top of the little table.

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