Monday, May 25, 2015

This and that

I feel that I have not been a good blogger but with each day that goes by and I feel better, so I do more and then feel tired! I am slowly getting these little hares that Dijaane Cevaal sent me embroidered. She did the printing on hand dyed fabric and I have been having fun working out how to go about it all. I like the second printing the best and will leave his face as is. The Sue Spargo book arrived last week and is a lovely adjunct to my other stitching books. I don't know why I hadn't got it ages ago. I am about to try stitching some of her lovely chickens and leaves, found a wool blanket that I will have a go at dying, when I find my dyes. Another clearing up job, yesterday I cleared out pantry she es that had ants in them, I only managed to get everything back this morning, so frustrating when any thing you do makes you tired. In trying to find things to photograph with my tablet I did this corner in my workroom by the window, I did the other side too but the light was wrong. It is, finally a lovely sunny day so I had a walk around the garden, this lovely deep tree dahlia is flowering, I really must take some more cuttings and find a place for it where the wind won't get at it quite so much. We have had a couple of walks and on Saturday John took me over to Murray Bridge to see the lovely exhibition curated by India Flint. I did take some photos but didn't like to put them up. loved the one Imbi had in and we both loved the two of Dorothy Caldwell, so nice to see the actual work of someone who I have had a class with and loved the idea of the little cards with notations of when and where. The whole exhibition was small, intimate but well worth the visit. I have only mentioned those two artists as I am getting achy writing this. Trouble is even that drive left me tired and a bit tremulous but it was so lovely to also call in to see P in Adelaide and see the country looking green and beautiful. We did a big circle, out to the river, through the hills, a bit of the city suburbs and then down south to home and a late lunch (and a painkiller and a lie down!!!) Oops, looks as if one of the photos didn't load, sorry


Penny said...

Be good to yourself -- your body is telling you what to do and how much to do and unfortunately very few of us can adapt to the body taking over *smile*. Little by little, taking baby steps, you'll be back to your 'real' self. Meanwhile life looks lovely in your part of the world.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love those hares Penny. The hare is my favourite animal and I collect pictures, cards, ornaments - anything to do with them.
Glad to hear that you are gradually feeling better.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hope you feel rested soon, you do such beautiful work, I always love to see your creations!!!