Monday, May 04, 2015

Finding things to photograph

I am finding it very boring. I have walked down to the stables and it was quite warm and blowing a gale. Not a nice day to be outside. I have been prowling around the house trying to keep myself amused, a stencil in a sketchbook,, a few of the netsuke and the first one, the window in my work room. Yesterday we went to lunch with friends, it was lovely, but these days I find it hard to hear in a busy restaurant which is annoying. My food was great but I did get far too tired and slept for most of the afternoon when I got home. John has been hacking back large amounts of garden, it really has got out of control since I havent been able to do it, but I do have to grit my teeth and be quiet at times! We did quite well at the foal show, Best Welsh Exhibit with the C filly but I have to say I don't think it is the best run show which is a shame. Can't wait for some decent weather and a beach walk. Oh and to those who asked about my houses the latest ones are ceramic but there is the odd metal one and wooden ones I bought in America.


Penny said...

Do you think its age that makes me shy away from noisy places? I find myself looking for restaurants with quiet corner tables where the two or three of us can have a nice visit. Its getting more and more difficult to do these days. I love your collections

Em Parkinson said...

Love that sketchbook image. I'm new that one of yours?