Monday, May 18, 2015

Another small stitchery and the back road home

I finished this little sttichery off yesterday, it is a little different to some I have done and was fun to do. The piece of scrim had odd marks on it from being dyed and I tried to make them a bit more important. This morning we drove over to Yankalilla (dont you love that name) to deliver a baby doll and I hoped to collect my stuff from the exhibitions but it wasnt to be. we drove home slowly along the back roads, I love driving on these un made tracks, well they are roads but are hardly more than a track. I took photos as we drove along, very slowly as they are pretty rough. Found some blackboys or yakkas to photograph. I am thinking ahead to a class I am doing with Peta Lloyd next year, we have to have a theme. I am not very good with themes. I thought I had hay fever but am now coming to the conclusion that I may have a cold, lots of sneezing and a runny nose, not much else but that is w\enough. I am trying to work out another small stitchery and am also reading a good but old book which I am enjoying. Ngaio Marsh 'Death in a white tie". Amazing what I am finding when I tidy out the bookcases.


Penny said...

Lovely stitchery. You have such beautiful roads to travel where you live. Much as we do here in North Carolina.

Jo Murray said...

A particularly lovely stitched piece Penny....and your back roads are so picturesque. Hope you shake off that cold quickly.