Saturday, May 16, 2015

Collage of the last few days

I am finding that the new exercises I have to do are rather demanding, and just a little bit painful. So I havent been blogging much. My eyes are not seeing terribly well, a result of the anaesthetic I hope, and I should see better after the 6 weeks is up. We have been managing a few short walks although the weather hasnt been terribly good and there are a couple of photos I took around the house, including pumpkins and Jake with his crumpled ear. He worries when I dont come out. One walk over at Pt Elliott this morning, one near Petrels Cove and one on the beach at Kent Reserve. There have been some high tides and the beaches have re arranged themselves. John is still cutting down trees and we have some cut for firewood but today he has lit a fire for the remaining bits. He is trying to get things tidied up before winter really sets in. The fishing crew are all over at Coffin Bay, they made it safely although from what I hear there is not a lot of room in the downstairs area and I think I am glad from that point of view that we are not there. Still, it is a lovely place to be and I am going to miss the walks and views.


Penny said...

This 'healing' stuff is difficult -- hope each day is a bit better for you. You live in a beautiful place, thanks for sharing.

Jo Murray said...

Rug up Penny...winter's on its way...even in Qld. Take advantage of your convalescence to enjoy some of the quieter aspects of music.

Robin Mac said...

I hope exercises get a bit easier soon. The photos are lovely. shame you have had to miss Coffin Bay - will you still come up to Qld later? Cheers