Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yesterday on the Island

I am afraid we have been very slack, perhaps we are getting old! It was hot and we set off early to get some of the lovely local olive oil, I like the 'wild' olive oil the best. Then we headed down the road to see Bernard of the Stonor Gallery he makes the most fabulous glass, and is having such fun, he gets bored with the same old stuff, wonderful marbles, I bought one and a couple of new pendants. I had classes with Bernard years ago making beads, he doesnt make many of those any more. A date for a drink here, dug some garlic, a swap for Johns pate, looked at the garden and saw the striated pardalotes who were nesting in boxes by the verandah and got quite cross with us being there when they had beaks full to feed babies. Photo? I was too interested in them and forgot! Then on up the hill to see Indie and Lynda, always a fascinating place to visit, Indie's found object sculptures are fantastic, I have a couple of small ones bought over the year, and Lynda's hats, three came home with me this time, they are brilliant, no two alike, her materials are often recycled with odd secret pockets in them, they will come for drinks too. Their studio is always an evolving piece, more things added and all recycled. My sort of people. We came home via the Baudin Beach art gallery where I bought a small painting of yachts by Branka Gregor who I have known for ages, never bought a painting, but I could afford this and it is small enough to find room for on my walls. We came home, had a sea food salad for lunch and then had a nanna nap!! I have done a bit with my blobanimal book but am not getting far, but the local Christmas cards are now done, just need to be posted. Whew, but no walk. Maybe today although we are planning on a drive and lunch and I am making the first of the cakes when we get back, the fruit is soaking in brandy at the moment.


The Weaver of Grass said...

All sounds very laid back, as it should be.

Julie said...

ohhh,,,fruit soaking in brandy! Post that recipe! Would love to try it!