Monday, December 22, 2014

We are home

We came home on Saturday and I haven't stopped since then. Packing up the house, the ferry trip, calm thank goodness, unpacking and getting it all away, John went fishing yesterday and came home terribly tired but it was his birthday after all. I went in to the madhouse of the town early, a wise thing to do, remembered most things I needed and washed and tidied. This morning, more washing, John collected the cat, and I managed to get a few decorations up. I am not doing a tree as it is only us, but have got out a few favorites and found some lovely red gladiolus that I have put in with some Holly and it looks quite festive. I have wrapped all the presents, finally, and that is always rather tiring as I look for things I had put away through the year. It has tried to rain, nothing more than a few drops, but is mild and overcast. So a couple of not so good photos of q few of the decorations. My tablet doesn't always take brilliant photos. I may not post for a day or so as we go to town tomorrow, and a birthday lunch the next day.

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shirley said...

Your decorations look very pretty Penny. It sound like a very busy time for you. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.