Friday, December 12, 2014

Here we are on Kangaroo Island

We were up at 5 am, loaded the ute and off to catch the ferry, I could see broken waves on the sea as we came down the hill and out came the dramamine ! We did quite a bit of rock and rolling but as I always rug up and sit outside I was fine. The older we get the more tiring it all becomes and getting all the gear into the house and put away is a major operation, so after a late lunch a nana nap was in order. I always set up a small work area in a corner of the billiard room, sounds grand UT really it is just a long room that fits a3/4 table. John has been on the computer for most of the day doing what ? paying Accounts! It never stops.I have just heard on Facebook that my grand daughter Fenella has broken down on the Hay Plains on her way to her new job in NEW, poor child I hope all is well. I have started to do my blog animal online class with Carla Sonheim, which is going to be fun while I am here, paper painted and blobby animals found so far. Looking out over the beach you can see how rough it is, I think I have done enough exercise for today. Poor Max didn't want us to go this morning, he knew something was up and when I went to put him away was going to have none of it, he is looked after well while we are away but still doesn't think it fair that he can't come too. Off to work out how to cook a marinated half Chicken! Hope the oven works.


Julie said...

Great adventure, Penny! Your class sounds like fun. You deserve your lovely Nana naps!!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Penny I am seasick if I look at the sea, regardless of whether there are any waves or not. Enjoy your stay.

Barry said...

Hi P - sorry I have been off the page lately - too much travel!!! Kangaroo Island seems quite the destination - we have not made it there yet - need to put that on the to do list. Go well. B