Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A fine sunny day

With no wind. We walked this morning, a lovely walk along the cliffs, with a big sea raging in, speckled rocks and soggy sand. In Victor the steam train was just about to turn around on the turn table so we shot in and I took a photo, it is school holidays and one of the best days so far. My garden is suddenly blooming although after all the high winds I am not sure why it is surviving so well. Not a lot or rain, we could do with a lot more, but that is spring in South Australia. Yesterday was Mason's 6th birthday, my great grand son is growing up and is a joy to be around, and I forgot my camera!! We went over to have a bbq for his birthday last night. Another foal was it yesterday or the day before, actually I think there were two but they have been taken out the back, still lots to come though. With the better weather and no wind my hay fever is not so bad so I have been out trying to fix up a smaller area in the hen house for two chicks I bought today, Lucy the black australorp and Lacy the silver ?? cant remember. Just hope they survive, I think they are about 7 weeks old. Oscar wants to go out and I am trying not to let him as the first snakes of the season have been seen on the roads, so far not around the house thank goodness.


Stitching Lady said...

I am enjoying your tales of south Australia - here in Germany - with slowly approaching real autumn with fogs and late sun - but still nice days.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Penny your landscapes are stunning. and your flowers are gorgeous.