Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week in stitch and wonderful rocks

A little late for my week in stitch, we had our final day at Ballarat and ended it with a dinner together. Next morning we were up early, packed and off, with several stops and an extra one in the car. Wednesday was busy, unpacking and washing! Thursday we finally had a walk, lots went on but I just stitched, too tired. Friday was a lunch with friends, being Easter Friday John cooked the fish, no eggs for us for Easter, or hot cross buns, we ate enough any way. I did my stint over at our mix it up exhibition on Saturday morning, came home cold (needed a fire!) Sunday caught up with more friends and picked figs, another lovely day. The rock photos are some of the ones I took while we were walking back to climb up the cliff, yesterday, such lovely forms in these ramparts. Today we had an easy walk this morning, washing is being done. all pretty boring.

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Barry said...

P - a full life you have. Love the photos of the rock formations. B