Monday, April 28, 2014

My week in stitch

Another short week, Easter Monday we walked and it was a very rough day with waves pouring in.Tuesday, another walk, another place and washing was done. Wednesday i collected two new young hens, they are very sweet but I had to find another pen for them as they are rather young. Thursday I did the shopping and some how hurt my hand so doing hand work was difficult, I think I did it when I was fixing a perch for the little hens. Friday was ANZAC DAY John was up early for the dawn service. I havent been feeling terribly well, too many worries are upsetting my stomach so Saturday was an off day. Instead I played with stitches. Sunday we went over to Goolwa to look at paintings and boats and have a short walk, it was a lovely sunny day. Still not feeling well, my stomach and reflux dont like me feeling worn out and tired, so a pretty off day for me today. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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Jo Murray said...

Another good one Penny.