Monday, April 21, 2014

Last garden flowers and a walk

I think this is the last of the flowers in the garden for a while. A very warm and windy day, very warm, we have been having fires and now I am back in a t shirt and 3/4 pants! We walked along the cliffs this morning and the northerly was making mares manes out of the waves as they rolled in. We walked back a slightly different way as the tide was low and I thought I could climb up the steep cliff path (I did!) and just caught this wave as it came in behind the lovely rampart of rocks and then broke, I have more stunning rocky photos. I havent walked for so long, well not over rough rocks etc and it was a bit of a challenge but I am so glad we both made the effort. We have had a lovely holiday week end, out to lunch twice, yesterday also to collect figs from friends, and today John is well on the way to making his version of dried figs, they are yummy when he has managed to finish them. I hope every one had a lovely long week end.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Such an inspiring landscape. wild and beautiful!