Wednesday, July 29, 2020

We wandered around the Peninsula a day or so ago.

sorry about thge last photo, I cant see what the tiny ones are on the computer. My eyesight is getting worse. We had a lovely wander around Normanville and Carrickalinga and home on a back road at Mt Robinson. I am not getting out a lot, yes a morning walk but unfortunately I am back to bad arthritic aches and pains and my diabetes is playing up. I think this wretched virus is making me feel it is all a bit much. Cant see the Melbourne family, and although we are lucky here that so far we are not badly affected, in fact we have very few cases it just seems to go on and on. with no end in sight. I am knitting and although I enjoy it both my arthritic fingers and my eye sight dont make things easy. I really dont want to do anything and that is not a good way to be. Our walk this morning was lovely and although we need rain, it was warm and sunny, now it is cold and overcast. So far a very dry July which John tells me is not unusual as it happens according to his rain records about every 15 years. Max is woofing that it is dinner time, better go and feed him and George (the cat) as they get impatient if things are not on time.


Ellen D. said...

Sorry your not feeling too well! I know what you mean when you say you do not feel like doing much. I have had the same feeling - no motivation and each day seems the same as the last. Good you get out for daily walks - I like that last picture of the beach and the beautiful water.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

HI!! I have been away from the web. We moved across country from Indiana to California. The packing, the trip, the unloading and organizing has been almost more than I could accomplish. I'm still not in the swing of living in a new place. I'm glad you posted and I could say Hi and hope you are well and far away from the dreaded virus.
xx, Carol