Wednesday, May 27, 2020

John dug the sweet potatoes yesterday. Some were much larger than expected! I do try not to complain but over the last few days I have hardly been able to move. I had forgotten how much cold weather affects m joints. Our beach walk this morning was more like a scrabble than a walk. It has been cold and overcast all day with the occasional shower of rain. I have struggled with getting the trunk right on my little knitted elephant but I think I have it now. The ears are next. I have a large casserole on in the oven, I like to get a casserole on early these days as if I leave making them too late I can't stand for long. Lots of veg in this one and some meat but not a huge amount. Max the dog is telling me he needs to be fed. He can't get the fact that we have stopped daylight saving and thinks 3 not 4 is feed time. Better do the feeds. Just glad in this cold weather that I no longer have ponies to feed, although I do miss them.

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