Friday, May 22, 2020

Cold and damp with big seas.

Only a short beach walk today, we managed it between showers and it has been pretty damp all day so that was the only walk today. I am quite pleased as this weather makes me ache. I have finished off the little book I am making, it is not terribly good but a sample for another in the future. These succulents are flowering at the moment, I love the starfish shaped flowers but not the smell. They are a stapelia species. Most annoyed as I cant find where I have put a book of knitted animals, I know it is somewhere. I have also spent a bit of time, while looking for that book at a journal I did when we were on a dairy trip to Califoria in 2008 I could never do that now, we seemed to walk miles. and another workbook done in a class with Jean Littlejohn in 2005, what fun that was. I could do with a bit more of that get up and go now. I seem so slow now. Enjoying my walks though they are so much shorter.


Ellen D. said...

Look at those sweet little star blossoms! I have never seen those before. I know what you mean about walking/hiking...I am much slower but at least I still get out - can't walk as far, altho, I always imagine if I HAD to, I could do it. As the weather gets nicer, I may have to challenge myself to lengthen my walks. Hmmm... Thanks for the inspiration (maybe):)

Barry said...

Hi P - I agree with E above - the star shaped blossoms look gorgeous even if they don't smell so good - smell ok from where I'm sitting. Go well. B