Saturday, March 07, 2020

Around the garden and I have unpicked.

The last image is a bit of my bag I am making in India Flint on line class, now finished. I have unpicked this piece and now hope I have it right. I don't think I am terribly clever when it comes to doing this. So out around the garden, love my geraniums and they and the roses have done so well. The sky overhead with clouds. The shells are some from the last few days beach walking. Love my small collections. We are having a very mild autumn so far, lovely cool walks on the beach most mornings not much but a bit of rain most days. I was reading an article by Nigella Lawson this morning in the week end Australian on turning 60 I like the way she writes and use one of her cook books a lot (an early one). At 80, I felt she had a lot of sensible things to say but I did feel like saying wait until you turn 80. I really did not want that birthday! Now with happy things like Corona virus a round my age and stage worries me even more. I am not frightened of dieing, I have had a great life but I would rather not be surrounded by people dressed like aliens when I do.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes, that virus is freaky. I think it has spread faster than previous virus scares. When I was young and naive' I thought everyone that didn't die gruesomely died peacefully in their sleep. Now it seems we call in Hospice and let them help it along. I'm not going to worry about this virus. I'll live each day as I always do. I worry more about Terry who has so many health issues.

We are almost in Spring here in Northern Indiana USA. It's these days I dislike due to rain and coping with 3 dogs and mud. We are in the process of buying land in California. It's taking far too long because the seller has some issues to be taken care of before he can offer a clear title. 21 acres in a sort of desert setting. No trees to trim or rake leaves of. I do wonder what flowers grow there. I must have flowers. I wonder what birds will be there. I do love birds, but then I think again that possibly I don't want to attract them and worry about feed. The nearest town is about an hour drive. I guess if that is all I have to worry about then I'll be happy, lol.
Be well,