Monday, December 02, 2019


I did this really bad little painting to remind me of our stay in Sydney. The view from the front verandah of the lovely blue jackeranda tree and the gymia lilies that grew there too. We have had a busy few days and after a 6.30 start to have a blood test at 7 am I have felt very tired all day. Yesterday we went to lunch at the golf club with friends, more 80th birthday celebrations. Although some were older and some younger. A lovely meal but I was very naughty and had a chocolate nut sundae to finish with. It was huge, needless to say we had soup for our evening meal. Today it is freezing cold and very windy. My arthritis is bad and I really don't want to do much but I suppose a walk later will happen. It was nice to get a bit of rain as I won't have to water the garden

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