Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A 21st and the skies this afternoon.

We had Celina's very close family around for her 21st last night to eat pizza and then go home, she is 7 weeks off having her baby and although it takes me a fair sort of effort to do these things these days it was a lovely night. I felt we had to celebrate it, I was heavily pregnant for my 21st and it is nice to have some sort of celebration on the day Celina and Millie. We had a late walk this afternoon and the skies and light were incredible. We are supposed to get rain. I really hope so as it is terribly dry.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Such a lovely celebration. Glad it all went well. On Monday we were clearing leaves in the front yard bushes. I started a fire and looked away for a moment and there it was, taking off for the neighbor's yard. Later, the news said that even though we have an amnesty on burning, the fire department asked us not to burn because it was dry. Wow, they got that right. Then on Wednesday (yesterday) we got 3 inches of rain. This morning I was out at the pond collecting mating toads. Caught 30 and carted them down to the river. I have nothing against toads and know their value. But they attract snakes and we have had a snake problem IN the pond for the last 2 summers so my pond will no longer be a breeding ground for toads.

Hope you get YOUR rain.
xx, Carol