Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Odd weather

In our walks we have had calm seas and sunshine one day, wild weather the next with huge seas and everything in between. A lot of kelp washed up on the beaches. This morning it was beautiful, now we have had a change and its cold, wet and low cloud. Not a lot of wind although we had that early this morning. We have been amazingly dry for June but are slowly catching up to our average. I moved pots around yesterday and then ached but went to the nursery this morning and came home with a couple of the lovely coloured ornamental kale, just hope the caterpillas dont find them. Pictures when the sun comes out again. We had taken a couple of trees by the back door whose roots had gone miles under the cement and made a mess so this is what I had aimed to put in their place. I am out in the cold here where my laptop is but I will go back and stuff another doll body, yes I am making a couple of dolls in honor of Raggedy Anne's 100th birthday. A nice thing to play with on a wet afternoon. Then I am off to make a fish pie for dinner Yes Virginia it is Oscar that we lost, he was a bit older than your Nikko.


Robin Mac said...

Sorry to hear about Oscar, you miss them even if they are old. As usual I love the photos of the beach. We are likely to get rain in the next couple of days as our show is on - that is always guaranteed to bring heavy showers at some point.

Penny said...

Your scenic photographs are so wonderful. Today we had a storm that was raining in one block, not in the next. I happened to be out at the library and was glad that it missed the library but I wasn't so lucky when I went into the grocery store *smile*

virginia said...

I'm so sorry, Pen. I don't know what I'll do when Nino is no longer there. I just can't imagine it. As I told you in my last comment, we had foxes in the garden over a few days so we got Nino vaccinated against rabies, although he wasn't too keen to go outside when they were there, anyway. The vet said, 'The next time for rabies will be in three years.' That made me think and wonder if either he or I will be here!
They really become part of our life and the older Nino gets the nicer and more affectionate he becomes.
The foxes have gone, which is odd because they were babies and they usually stay till the autumn. I'll have to ask the gardener what has happened to them. Maybe we were too noisy for their liking, but they were so sweet the way they played together.

Lots of love also to John,